Season 1


while playing on the server your positiondata will be collected periodically. if you wish to disable your data beeing used for the heatmap please enter your steam id and toggle on or off. your change takes effect after the next server restart.
positiondata will be used in the heatmap
steam id

name Floki81xyz
#connect 3
#disconnect 3
#consume 236
#bleeds 6

weapons fired
Glock19 24
SSG82 11

infected killed
ZmbM_PolicemanSpecForce_Heavy 7
ZmbM_MotobikerFat_Black 1
ZmbF_CitizenANormal_Brown 1
ZmbF_SurvivorNormal_Orange 1
ZmbM_CitizenASkinny_Brown 1
ZmbM_PatrolNormal_Autumn 1
ZmbM_usSoldier_normal_Woodland 1
ZmbM_PrisonerSkinny 2
ZmbF_PoliceWomanNormal 2
ZmbM_PatrolNormal_Flat 3
ZmbM_SoldierNormal 1
ZmbM_PatrolNormal_PautRev 1

animals killed